Frequently asked questions

Not frequently nor asked questions per se, but interesting questions nonetheless.

What is the FutraMedia Foundation?
The purpose of the FutraMedia Foundation is to be a non-profit organisation that will protect the interest of fans as well as the fans themselves in just about any issue that fans may be subjected to. The Foundation will also help fans with dealing with companies, as well as working as a mediator between 'the powers that be' and the fan entities.
Why is it called 'FutraMedia Foundation'? That doesn't seem to recall much recollection to fandom.
The name stems from the organisation's humble beginnings. The organisation was original drafted as an 'umbrella organisation' to represent The Infosphere and the Futurama Madhouse, who had at the time just begun sharing server, and wanted to receive shared donations.
The name choosen back then was 'Futurama Media Foundation'. However, even then there were concerns over its name, such as copyright issues and more importantly, that using the name of a specific fandom would limit its future potential. Name suggestions included 'FutureMedia Foundation', but since 'FutraMedia' gained no hits on Google, its name was decided as unique enough for the purpose.